24 Pack of 12oz Beef Pasties

(146 customer reviews)


BEST VALUE! Twenty Four of our original 12 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust) or Garden Medley (potato, broccoli, carrot, with a hint of cheddar seasoned and wrapped in an all vegetable crust)


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146 reviews for 24 Pack of 12oz Beef Pasties

  1. Frank Latham

    These are simply the best Pastys I have ever eaten. I ate them when I lived there in the early 70’s, and I am glad I can get them whenever I want them. Never stop making them!

  2. Randy Monday

    As an old “YOOPER” out of rural Ishpeming (National Mine),who has since settled in in the American West. It was great to receive a shipment of Lawry’s pasties to go along with the completion of my new sauna.

  3. Marla

    My dad is from the UP. I grew up eating pasties but now live many states away. These came in perfectly frozen shape, the exact day I ordered and are exactly what I wanted. They couldn’t be better. The best part is that they cook up fresh tasting, something that I’ve not had in shipped pasties via family before. I’m extremely satisfied!

  4. mike maki

    Being born and raised in the UP, pasties were always a part of our lives. Any time we visit, the first meal is always a pastie. Lawry’s makes a wonderful tasty treat. You can’t find a pastie here in Florida, but put your order in and three days later a hot pastie is ready and waiting. The smell of it baking is amazing. Thank you, Lawry’s.

  5. Anonymous

    They are great!!!

  6. Anonymous

    From the order, delivery, baking instructions, and the taste these were perfect. We served them at my Dad’s 90th birthday party in California. He was thrilled and we fed 22 adults and still had leftovers. Thanks for making this event so special.



  8. Mike

    Always stop at Lawry’s when in the UP. Now I can have a pasty anytime I want one. Great delivery service.

  9. bob smith

    The pasties showed up in 2 days still frozen. Had them on the following Saturday and they were very good. I grew up in Houghton and have tried making my mom’s recipe, but never was successful. Yours were better.

  10. Donna Chambers

    The product was packaged perfectly and arrived frozen in Tennessee. They were absolutely delicious and we really enjoyed them!

  11. Julianne Blaser

    I lived in Hancock, MI from 1941 to 1947 and then returned to Houghton, MI to attend Michigan College of Mining & Technology (now known as Michigan Technological University). As a child in Hancock, I became a lifelong fan of pasties – the church used to have pasties sales – my Mom learned how to make them from the experts, our friends and neighbors in Hancock. I am very grateful to Lawry’s for doing the work for me now and for retaining the original recipe – tastes just like HOME. Thanks – Julianne Koch Blaser

  12. mike

    Lived and worked in Upper Michigan’s Marquette county. Been eating the pasties since it was Madelynes and they keep getting better. Retired and moved to Florida and am thankful I can still get them delivered frozen and well packaged. Well worth the price.

  13. Anonymous

    These Pasties were excellent, had them shipped to me in Arizona for Christmas presents. They tasted great!!!

  14. Jennifer Anderson Teller

    Lawry’s Pasties are the best. We always had Madelyne’s when I was kid – love that we can still get them!

  15. Anonymous

    This are the real deal folks, never had better