24 Pack of 12oz Beef Pasties

(146 customer reviews)


BEST VALUE! Twenty Four of our original 12 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust) or Garden Medley (potato, broccoli, carrot, with a hint of cheddar seasoned and wrapped in an all vegetable crust)


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146 reviews for 24 Pack of 12oz Beef Pasties

  1. John Kepics

    Great Great Great Pastys

  2. Gregory Howe

    Every year I order and share with my son.

  3. Stephanie Bresette

    My husband was from Marquette and his family still lives there. Every time we would go to Marquette we had to stop and get pasties, always delicious!

  4. Brenda Caskey

    Received perfectly. Frozen solid. Had to have one the day of arrival and they were awesome. Posted on Facebook and have had classmates ask for ordering info stating they have just told their wife/husband about pasty’s Thank you for the excellent service

  5. Deborah Dun

    We order these as many times as we can per year weather permitting. Having them shipped to South Texas. Recommend to all our Michigan friends.

  6. Tim Ostermann

    Used to buy one every week on my way through Ispeming on a truck route. Now I live in Kansas and miss these, so I am glad you will ship them to me!

  7. George A Toth

    Looking forward to having some pasty’s in Las Vegas.

  8. Brenda Caskey


  9. Tom Quaal


  10. Kate

    Love that you can mix and match beef pasties and garden medley in frozen packs! Perfect for a family with at least one vegetarian.

  11. Cristy Thomma

    Delicious all the way from the UP down to West Texas

  12. Jack Kepics

    Fantastic, Not from your neck of the woods but a friend of mine is and recommended you folks, really glad he did a really great meal thanks

  13. Paula Wygonik

    These were just like my grandma used to make in Norway Michigan. My great grandfather was a miner and it’s a family recipe. Thank you for making us smile and bringing back fond memories.

  14. Arlene Turner

    This is like the fourth time I have ordered 24 and also sent a dozen to my grandson out in Colorado!! Our whole family loves these pasties. I am from Marquette and now live in Vermont and at least I get a taste of the UP!!


    I grew up in the U.P. and my dad always stopped at Lawry’s for pasties. I did the same when I lived in Michigan. Now I am down in Florida and have 24 pasties shipped during our cooler season. It’s great to have a taste of home down here.