8 Pack of 12oz Beef Pasties

(128 customer reviews)


Eight of our original 12 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust)


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128 reviews for 8 Pack of 12oz Beef Pasties

  1. Anonymous

    Delicious! Just like I remembered them when I lived in Michigan

  2. Al Riches

    For 55 years been eating Pasties from many places in Michigan, Upper and Lower, Minnesota etc. and Lawry’s are the best. I eat them heated up and straight from the oven or with beef gravy and mash potatoes. It does not matter how you eat them they are delicious.
    Al , 2/23/2016

  3. Anonymous

    Well, like an idiot, I wrote my review in the title line. So, in a short review, I had some difficulty with my on line order and will place any future orders by phone. Once the order was confirmed, it arrived at my brother’s home in good condition. I ordered original pasties (no carrots), and his only comment was that it didn’t taste like it was made by our Welsh great-grandma. I would expect that. He urged me to order my own pasties, so I’ll give you my personal review after I taste them. This has been a good experience, and I can’t wait for my own oder to arrive!

  4. Teri

    My pasties were delivered on time and as promised. They were delicious!! I was raised in the UP but now live in AR so being able to order a pasty was a big treat! I would recommend Lawrys to everyone!

  5. bobbi

    these pastys are the absolute best ever….I grew up on homemade pastys as family is finnish,,,,this is just like home..

  6. Bland Reynolds

    These are true Yooper Pastys as i remember them from my Houghton days in the 1950’s. I will reorder soon!

  7. Robert Brown

    We fell in Love with Lawry’s Pasty while living in the UP – Now we live in NYC and have them shipped in to enjoy that Little Bit of Heaven. Our friends love it when we have a Pasty Party they rave over how good they are. We will be back for more *****

  8. Becky Haas

    Every year, I order pasties. I have tried different places – but have always come back to Lawry’s. Finally I figured it out – just always go with Lawry’s! They have the most flavor – the meat and onion stand out! The crust is just like my grandmother made it – flavorful and chew without being tough. Excellant product! Thank you – a taste of the UP in central Illinois!

  9. Anonymous

    Excellent – we love to give the Original Beef Pastie as a gift. It’s certainly a taste of HOME for those who come from the U.P.

  10. Anonymous

    We received the pasties as promised and they were a welcome Christmas present to neighbors who used to live in the UP. Many thanks for a great product.

  11. Bob Wilson

    Love the contents with so much more meat and potatoes than similar sized pasites!

  12. Deb T

    My sister had hip surgery and I wanted to send her something. I got the great idea to send her food and knew she would love to get pasties. Our mother grew up in Marquette and we made many trips there. My whole family loves pasties. My sister was so excited to get the package. She said they were delicious. The crust was flaky and they had a wonderful flavor. Now I want to order some for myself.

  13. Celeste White. Annapolis IL

    The only reason I gave you a 4 & not a 5 is thought it needed more rudabega. Just my preference. I haven’t had a pasty in probably 20 years. OMG. IT WAS HEAVEN. YOOPER HEAVEN

  14. Anonymous

    love these pastys,,,, my parents were from ironwood and l’anse and the family grew up on pastys…just like home

  15. Anonymous

    Celebrated “pastie time” in our home tonite. Lived in Michigan for 35 Years. Have eaten many pasties but these are the BEST! They are so far beyond rediculously wonderful.
    Will send some to our grandson in Missouri and some to our big kids in Colorado. Shared these with our friends in PA. They love them! Gotta order more for ourselves . You guys are the best! Our box came in very frozen. Please keep on doin’ what you are doin’.