8 Pack of 12oz Pasties

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Eight of our original 12 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust) or Garden Medley (potato, broccoli, carrot, with a hint of cheddar seasoned and wrapped in an all vegetable crust)

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105 reviews for 8 Pack of 12oz Pasties

  1. Kate

    Stay-at-home-order is in place here in Illinois and
    we’re so missing the UP, so we decided to support one of our very favorite local businesses that just happens to be about 450 miles from our home! We ordered a dozen 12 ounce pasties and they’re delicious! We now have a supply until we can get them in person.

  2. CNCKono

    Great Pasties, would order more often if we could get the cost of shipping down. Sad to pay more for shipping then the pasties

  3. Arlene Turner

    Lawry’s pasties are the best I have had in the last couple of years. I return to Marquette once a year and have to have the pasties. I have ordered them several times to have them shipped to me in Vermont and now to my grandson in Colorado.

  4. Barry Barker

    Got your 12 pack last week, and the Pastys were great! But, what I remember most is that smell lingering in our house for the next few days after cooking them. Reminded me of driving to see the relatives in L’Anse, stopping at Lawrys on the way, and smelling those hot and delicious pies in the car for the next 60 miles.

  5. Victoria

    I’m originally from the Upper Peninsula and currently living in Pittsburgh. The pasties are fantastic and taste like they were served right in the shop. They arrived still frozen and with heating instructions. If I could give them more stars I would.

  6. L Gilliam

    How a pasty should be!

  7. Cathy L

    Love these pasties! We live in FL but are from Ishpeming and thus makes a special Christmas gift to my family!

  8. Sirkka K Jago Washington state.

    Please don’t change your recipe! I will have to order more next time.

  9. Jessica

    These are fantastic, perfectly made, and a great go-to for dinners!

  10. Angela Olsen

    I purchased these for my mom, who is from the UP. She said they were amazing and very authentic (tastes just like the ones she grew up with). She loves that the crust is flakey and the perfect proportion of filling and crust (some pasties have way too much crust and not enough filling). Just perfect! If you ever have coupons I would love to order some for my family as well!

  11. Plantlady

    Arrived in perfect condition. Would order, again!


    They were great, Just like the recipe handed down from my Great Grandma Anderson Who lived in Calumet and Great Grandpa worked in the Calumet Hecla Mine as a blacksmith.

  13. Pat

    I actually did not try the products. I bought them to send them to my niece in California after staying at her home. She was 8 months pregnant and was craving a pasty. As a thank you for their hospitatlity, I sent the pasties 1) for her craving and 2) her husband from Sweeden had never had a pasty. The day before they arrived , my niece went into labor. She came home however, her baby had to stay. She sent me a message stating “the pasty was great comfort food. Everyone loved them”. The baby is home now and doing well and they still have pasties to eat!

    The delivery was earlier than promised

  14. Jerry

    Father worked in Hibbing mines. Mom made Cornish pasties. learned to enjoy them at early age. Pricing inconsistent.

  15. Richard Overhiser

    Mom was born in Ironwood, MI and was raised eating Pasties. It has been 13 years since she had one. Mom is in a nursing home so I heated it up and wrapped it in a towel and we each at one. She devoured it. Of coarse ketchup. A huge thanks for letting her relive her young days again.