8 Pack of 17oz Beef Pasties

(37 customer reviews)


Eight of our original 17 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust)


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37 reviews for 8 Pack of 17oz Beef Pasties

  1. Todd D. Mosconi

    These brought back such memories. I haven’t lived in the UP in more than 25 years, but these put a smile back on my face.

  2. Dennis

    The pasties have a good flavor but are very light on meat.

  3. Daniel E Peters

    I moved out of the U.P.’s Kewauna Peninsula (The Copper Country) to Wisconsin when I was 19. My paternal grandparents came to Michigan in 1914 from Cornwall England, the birthplace of the Cornish Pasty. My Mom learned the art of great pasty making from my Gramma Peters and they were a favorite in our house. I’m now 61 years old and both of my parents are now passed. I Googled U.P. Pasties and discovered Lawry’s Pasties and placed an order for 12 of the 17 oz. pasties. I have eaten tow thus far and was impressed and delighted with the quality of the crust and the ingredients. They are very delicious and I plan to buy more through the rest of my life!!!
    PS: I have purchased had MANY mediocre pasties in my life and am giving Lawry’s 4.98 Stars out of 5, Mom & Gramma get 5-Stars. Not a bad ranking for Lawry’s due to the other two high-achievers in my post-script.
    Dan Peters, Manitowoc, WI

  4. K.I. Smith Sr.

    I used to be stationed in the “UP” in the 80’s and had eaten pasties there. Once I relocated and after retiring from the Air Force, I and remembered these jewels of culinary delight. Soooo living in the DC area i found this site and ordered several times. Now my house have experienced the all in one pasty meal and are sold. We are taking the recent order to a beach house over the holidays for a quick complete meal.

  5. Bill Jones

    Great Pasty’s. Arrived still frozen solid, cooks up nice and golden brown, and moist inside. A meal in itself. Lovin It.

  6. Craig

    Good pasties (I’ve been to Lawrey’s for pasties when I lived in the UP. You can tell they use rutabagas in their pasties…a much better flavor. Only comment, there was no dry ice in the package.

  7. Anonymous

    We live in Valencia, CA and drive to Long Beach, CA to buy pasties. They cannot even begin to compete with Lawrys. Your pasties’ crust is so delicious as is the filling. We have ordered these in the past and will continue to do so.
    When we want a taste of our home state Michigan we heat up a pasty and enjoy. It brings us back to our memories of NMU.

  8. Marion “Marti”

    I ordered the large pasties. My husband and I used to go get pasties when we lived in MI but now we’re in Florida and miss them. We both agreed that we would like more rutabaga. We could taste the meat and potato but no rutabaga. We also like a bit of carrot in our pasties from time to time. Next time we order could you please include rutabega? They will be perfect then.

  9. Tammy

    Everything went as smooth as possible, delivered frozen when I requested and tasted like we had purchased them at the shop. Thank you so much and I am now contemplating the minis as an hors d’oeuvres for my Christmas Party.

  10. Gretchen T

    I ordered a dozen pasties to be shipped to my sister in FL…they arrived a day early with just a bit of the dry ice left. All the pasties were still frozen solid! I was so impressed by the taste and quality of these pasties. The best I’ve ever eaten! I’ll be ordering more in the very near future. Thanks for providing such a quality product at a great price!

  11. Ted Wollesen

    The purchase, scheduling, shipment and delivery went like clockwork even though a distance of 1800+ miles in August heat. The pasties were still frozen upon arrival with no trace of the dry ice left. Perfect timing.

    My only complaint is that the recipient had no idea who had sent them. There was no indication or paper work to that affect.

  12. Anonymous

    Product was good…but lousy web site interface…

  13. Scott

    I grew up with Cornish grandparents and my Nana made the worlds best pasty. The pasty at Lowry’s is the closest thing to hers I have found anywhere and I have look across the US and even back in Cornwall. They are simply THE BEST!

  14. Mike

    In my mind, pasties from the UP pretty much taste the same; there are only so many ways to make a pastie. Lawry’s were very good and substantive. But more importantly, the customer service and ease or ordering exceeded my expectations. I liked Lawry’s on Facebook and would highly recommend them to anyone craving pasties during these miserable winter months.

  15. scott

    Your pastys are very delicious. The crust was as flaky as my grandmothers. I would love the times my grandma would visit our house in Illinois and bake her made from scratch pies and rolls and my favorite PASTYS. Visiting her in iron river Wisconsin she would bake pastys for all. I guess her growing up in the Marquette houghton area gave her this remarkable recipe for a young Italian girl. I will be buying some to send to my sister in Florida for Christmas.