8 Pack of 17oz Beef Pasties

(37 customer reviews)


Eight of our original 17 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust)


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37 reviews for 8 Pack of 17oz Beef Pasties

  1. Bill and Judy

    Lawry’s pasties are the best and we wish we lived closer to a Lawry’s Pasty shop! We’d love to have you move to Florida. Last year when we visited family in the area, we had a tasty pasty contest at Presque Isle. Lawry’s pasties could not be beat! They are the BEST!

  2. GLD

    I will definitely order these again. They were very very good.

  3. Janice (Mandley) Avery

    My mother made & sold pasties back in 1946-1950, so I know a good pasty when I eat one. The recipe came from a long line of pasty makers from Cornwall, England. These were probably good pasties, but the rutabaga was almost nonexistent as well as the onions. They had plenty of meat & potatoes, though. I think they were grated in as I found a few specks of rutabaga & my daughter, who avidly hates onions, found a couple. They did taste and smell like pasties so I’ll give them 4 stars for that. I’d probably order them again, sometime. We enjoyed them for Christmas dinner.

  4. Linda Smith

    Lawry’s pasties are our favorite UP pasties! We don’t get up that way too often, so I ordered them on line to put in our freezer! They arrived frozen in an insulated box and went right into our freezer and two went right into our tummies for dinner last night! Excellent and so easy! Thank you Lawry’s!!!

  5. Todd D Mosconi

    I have ordered several times and will continue to without hesitation. You should do the same. Once you try them, you’ll never order anywhere else.

  6. Coach

    I haven’t had a pasty since moving from Wisconsin in 1983, but I really missed them. On a hunch I ordered 8 to be shipped to Florida. They were excellent!!! I will be ordering again.
    Thank you!

  7. Srach

    Lawrey’s Pastys are very good. Fantastic ingredients and perfect for a meal. Large enough that two can share on pasty.

  8. Dan

    I purchased these pasty’s hoping they would be what I hoped, and they didn’t fail at all. They are absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t be happier.

  9. Lholst

    My family loves Lawry’s Pasties so much we order them for Thanksgiving Supper!

  10. Terry

    I’m in Georgia now and needless to say they’ve never heard of a pasty. I share them with southern folks and they love em!

  11. Kahuna

    I thought the pasty was very original brought me back when I was young and we would stop at a shack on the side of road in the up.

  12. Rebecca a haas

    These are far and away the best pasties you will find. I order a supply every fall to hold me thru the winter. SO much flavor, crust is perfect. HIghly recommend!!

  13. Edward Wisnewski

    This is my second time I have ordered. They are very close to the ones my mother made and she was from Iron Mountain area. The filling is delicious and crust is very flaky, I do brush a beaten egg on pastie when I bake it makes it a very nice brown color.
    I guess the only down side is the UPS cost to ship them to me in California so I order at least 10 at a time as they arrive frozen and have cooking directions in box.

  14. Robyn

    Pasties arrived on time. First layer (we bought 24) of pasties were not frozen. All the rest were fine (and tasty).

  15. d1215h

    We live in Southwest MI and only get to the UP once a year and always have your pasties when we are there but we are unable to get up there this year so we had to order some and they were perfect.