About Lawry's Pasty Shop

Our business was started in 1946 by Madelyne and Jim Lawry, who opened a small cafe which featured pasties. The shop was close to the Blueberry Mine on the way to Diorite. When the new US 41 highway was built they literally picked up the shop and moved it next to what is now the 41 Steak House. It is a home now, but is still in the same spot east of the 41 Steak House.

In the 1950s Madelyne and Jim bought Nick Joseph's first grocery store, making it their pasty shop and is our current Ishpeming location. Madelyne decided to retire, closing the shop in 1958. Her son Roger came home from Texas in 1961 and later purchased the business. Roger met Nancy when he hired her to work in the shop and they were married in 1962. They had three children Robin, Peter and Michael.