8 Pack of 12oz Pasties

(106 customer reviews)


Eight of our original 12 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust) or Garden Medley (potato, broccoli, carrot, with a hint of cheddar seasoned and wrapped in an all vegetable crust)

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106 reviews for 8 Pack of 12oz Pasties

  1. Wanda chuba

    Love your pasties I’m from NY Now and love the home town taste.

  2. Donna Wagberg

    I love pasties. So want to try these for the first time.

  3. Mary Susanne Goodwin

    These are yummy.

  4. Barbara swanson

    Shipping is quite costly

  5. Mary Susanne Goodwin

    Both sets of grandparents lived in the UP. Pasties were always a special treat. It has been awhile since I ordered them from you—decided I needed a yummy treat.

  6. Karen Delott

    How did you know we were out of pasties ??! Your sale is just in the nick of time.

  7. Jwulff

    LOVE pasties and especially Lawry’s pasties – can’t wait to get them!

  8. Ann Hatala

    I love these. I just ordered 12 and I’m ordering more. I give some to family members and they enjoy them

  9. Donald Taube


  10. Daniel

    Born a Yooper, now living out west but I still order my pasties from here! They are the best!

  11. Joseph M Dobis

    These are by far the best pasties I’ve ever had.

  12. steve howitt

    the best

  13. Louis Simon

    always so good

  14. William Mudge

    Nothing better on these cold winter nights.

  15. Joan Muhme

    Five stars. Really great tasting and filling. They were perfect when delivered to me in SC