24 Pack of 12oz Pasties

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BEST VALUE! Twenty Four of our original 12 oz Beef Pasty – Classic (beef, potato, onion and rutabagas seasoned and wrapped in our signature tender, flaky crust) or Garden Medley (potato, broccoli, carrot, with a hint of cheddar seasoned and wrapped in an all vegetable crust)

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130 reviews for 24 Pack of 12oz Pasties

  1. Habriel

    We are moving back to Michigan after a 20 stint in KC. We have missed Michigan. We had a dinner for a group of friends to announce our moving back to MI. We served a Michigan dinner – Pasty’s, Mich cherry salad and Cherry cobbler from TC. Pasties were a huge hit. They were unbelievably good. Better than I ever remember them being. I will also get them from you – either in person or mail order. Thank you!

  2. Mark

    We are from Wisconsin and have loved pasties all our life. Now we live in New Mexico and they have no clue what they are let alone sell them. These give us a taste of what we left behind. Delicious!

  3. jenny herman

    We missed our local Christian school annual fund raiser
    Every year we try to order at least a dozen classic pasties.
    So we just got online and ordered 2 dozen!!! We love them and
    They’re great as always. Keep up the good work.
    Jenny herman

  4. Erik

    I love Lawry’s pasties and plan to buy them every year. Just like I remember from when my family lived in the UP when I was a kid.

  5. Eng0728

    I have ordered these Pasties for 2 years now and I have never been disappointed.

  6. James G Proctor

    The one hour baking time give me the time relax after I do nothing all day.

  7. Thomas Tenhula

    Raised as a child in the UP. Always had pasties when watching the ski jumping at Iron Mountain, Ordered classic pasties sent to family for New Years eve dinner. Perfect for a casual family dinner. at the ski hill. Pasties were delicious.

  8. Ttenhula

    Ordered for family ski trip to Colorado. Perfect for New Years dinner.
    Enjoyed by all.

  9. Dave Berg

    The pasties were a present to my brother and mom. They came fully frozen after three day shipping to the hot weather of Texas. My brother Jonathan tried one right away and said it was excellent. I will definitely order some for our family as well. The 24 pack turned out to be a great Christmas present.

  10. Louis Wery

    Whether you’ve tried the “Fast Pasty Chain Stores” or other Mom and Pop operations, the quality and flavor of Lawry’s Pasties is second to none. I have traveled all over the UP and have yet to find one of the same taste or value.I told several friends and so we chipped in and bought a 24 pack. Well theirs are all gone and are waiting for me to finish mine so we can order again. Yum Yum

  11. Bill

    So nice to have a 24 pack of Lawry’s Pasties to get us through the winter. It is great that they cook from frozen. Just pull them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven. Great after a long day that you don’t feel like cooking. Taste like you just picked them up.

  12. Cynthia Menigoz

    We have ordered Pastys from other places before and never have they ever been so moist and as tasty as yours. We are truly enjoying them.

  13. Dennis

    Love Lawry’s Pasties. Annual family treat for Father’s birthday get-together. Shipped to Fresno, CA – beautifully packed. You will not be disappointed.

  14. Barb Cook

    Had the pgk sent to family in North Carolina. They had a few in the oven as they unpacked the box!. Love at first bite!!!

  15. Kristi

    Although we had a slight delivery issue this time, it was promptly handled with much kindness and respect. We order from Lawry’s a few times a year, and we absolutrly love them. They are a family tradition. We also stop on our way up to “da UP” every Summer for a fresh hot one! Thanks for taking care of your Texas pasty lovers!